Unlike competitors, CrossTrackr is available to use out of the box with minimal requirements. If you are reading this page then you have already what you need to use CrossTrackr and that is an Internet connection and some type of computing device (Desktop, Tablet or Mobile). For an Athlete, this is all you need and for Box Owners it is the minimum requirement, from here on the features and peripherals are a la carte. Below we have illustrated for you some various installation recommendations.

The Really Simple Setup

In this simple setup you give your Athletes the ability to use the Check-In Kiosk app as well as new members use the Registration Kiosk.

  • 1 Connected Device *
* You can use a desktop, laptop or tablet. It appears you already have this.

The Full Experience

This is what we see as the full experience within your Box.

  • 3 TVs (3rd TV is optional)
  • 2 Connected Devices (as defined in the recommended setup)
  1. TV - Compact WOD Data & Checked in Athletes
  2. TV - Expanded WOD Data for large display
  3. TV w/keyboard - Statsboard* (optional)
* Statsboard allows your athletes to search and view results for the day.
   You can use a desktop, laptop or tablet instead.