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Easily manage and track your WODs. No more looking thru books full of chicken scratch because you were dead after your WOD. WODTrackr allows you to easily search and find the data you need. Take it an extra step, if your Box uses CrossTrackr, then your WOD data is automatically entered for you, all you have to do is enter your results, unless you box decides to do it for you. In the end, all you need to worry about is working out and CrossTrackr will take care of the rest. Along with results, you can create and flag PRs, flag favorites and enter additional stats on performance and overall mood as well as post on your social networks.


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Weight Logs

Easily keep track of your weight. Creating weight entries is as easy as creating a new log entry or updating your weight in your profile. You can also upload photos on each log entry to have a visual reference for before and after comparisons.

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Body Assessment Logs

Want to take your logs a bit further, we offer body measurement and caliper-based logs. These tools are great for personal information when you are in a Paleo challenge. Just like the weight logs, you are able to upload images for a visual reference.

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PR Logs

Track all your PRs for all the defined exercises and *custom ones you can enter (coming soon). This PR log allows you to track any type of PR, not just 1 Rep Maxes.

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Weight Calculator

Take the guessing game out of percentages. Our easy to use weight calculator allows you to enter a weight and it will show you the values to use at certain percentage levels.

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Max Rep Calculator

Need to know what your estimated 3 Rep Max from your 1 Rep Max could be or your 1 Rep Max when you have only defined a 4 Rep Max. Our easy to use Max Rep calculator will help guide you with estimated recommendations defined by industry accepted algorithms.

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Notes are your personal journals; here you can enter anything you want. If your account is attached to a Box, you can choose to make the entry private or public. Public entries allow coaches to make comments and discuss your entries with you.

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Secure Data

All your WODs and PRs are securely stored in the cloud and available in multiple platforms at all times. Gone are the worries of loosing or backing up your data as you can rest assured that this is handled by CrossTrackr for you.

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No Hidden Charges or Fees...Ever!

You'll be tracking WODs in under a minute.

iPhone WODTrackr

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