CrossTrackr Box Owner features were built with the sole purpose to make managing your Box simple and easy.
This is because we build software we use!

Member Management

Easily manage all your members' information in one place - their membership contract, waiver, membership plan and payment details. Your members will have the ability to modify their payment settings without you having to chase them down as CrossTrackr will notify them of expired credit cards so they may update their payment information without requiring you to put in the extra work. All their athlete information is also available to you and your coaches, making it easy to review WOD logs, PRs and all the additional logs available for Athlete accounts. Create easy one-off credit card charges or track cash payments right from their member profile.


Create Class types which you can use to easily create your weekly schedules. Creating schedule entries is a breeze on CrossTrackr and once your initial schedule is created, with a few clicks you can copy an individual day, week or even an entire month to make the process that much simpler and easy to manage.

Plan Management

Easily manage all the plans available for your box. Create public and private plans, special rate plans with expiration dates and select payment types allowed for plans. Plans can be created to be on a month-to-month basis or a contract length type. You can also create plans with limited amount of check-ins allowed per month which CrossTrack tracks and notifies you of with the ability to easily override.

Automatic Billing

We do not charge any additional fees or make any money from your transactions, even on the FREE tier. CrossTrackr integrates with Stripe to offer you a simple pay-as-you-go payment gateway with no monthly or setup fees.

Kiosks Apps

Registrations Made Simple

Empower your members and save time while saving trees! With CrossTrackr, registrations do not require paper forms or tedious data entry. Your new members can enter their own registration information right into the CrossTrackr system using our easy step by step registration kiosk. If you require handwritten signatures, CrossTrackr allows you to set the requirement and print completed registration forms at your convenience. Although, on a completed registration, your members already receive a PDF copy for their records via email

Check-Ins Made Simple

CrossTrackr allows your members to check-in thru their mobile devices as they are getting to your Box, but for those that may not have a mobile device, we offer an easy to use Check-In Kiosk. The Kiosk allows your members to check-in and share on the social networks they have integrated with.

Interactive Whiteboards

Display class data such as check-ins, coaches, WOD information and member results. The Whiteboard is accessible on all platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop). Check-Ins automatically appear upon check-in and results are displayed automatically when entered by an Athlete thru their WODTrackr entry or by a coach from The Coachboard. The Whiteboard offers several views, the default view which includes check-in and result data and compact WOD data and an expanded WOD data view. The whiteboard, auto updates when the next class is in session.

What is displayed:
  • Member Check-ins
  • Coaches
  • WOD Information
  • Member Results
  • The Statsboard
  • The Coachboard

The Status Board

Although our whiteboard is cool and live and interactive, it is meant to be the whiteboard, informative and without user interaction required. For your Athletes there is the interactive Statsboard, which displays all Athlete result entries per day and allows them to easily find and compare other Athletes for the same day. Searching is simple too, you just start typing and results are filtered on the fly.

The Coachboard

You already make it easy for your Athletes to track their WODs by not requiring them to write down the details as they are automatically entered for them upon check-in. Now empower your coaches to help your Athletes track their results. With the Coachboard, a coach can see who has entered their results and either modify or enter them for the Athletes for the selected class.

* Unlike other software options, CrossTrackr does not require you to use these interactive boards, but having them up does enhance the experience for your Box. It is up to you when you want to implement

Other Features

The Dashboard

Get a quick and informative view of your Box's Revenue and Performance, Member Retention Information, Live Check-ins and more. Not only that, you yourself are an Athlete so all the tools available to an Athlete are available to you and if you are a Coach, you get a quick view to your weekly schedule right from here.

Email Notifications

Control what notifications to be informed of, from member retention reports, to late accounts and expired credit cards.


While athletes can login to CrossTrackr thru their Athlete account and then select your Box, you do get your own URL which you can share and personalize with your Box's logo. Your own vanity URL is also what your member's will use to be able to access all the interactive dashboards available from CrossTrackr.


Run one of our many reports to give you the information you need. Missing a report that is important to you, let us know and we will work with you. We are a small team, so support is personable and quick.


Control all the features made available by CrossTrackr for your Box. You can choose to leave your Kiosks and Interactive Dashboards public or lock them down with a required password. Control how Athletes can check-in to a class, either from anywhere or from a defined distance from your Box.